Should I Cancel My Amex Platinum Card This Year? (2019)

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Should I cancel my Amex Platinum before the annual fee is due?

The Platinum Card from American Express

Amex Platinum Card 2021

I struggled with this question last year also.  See, prior to last year when Chase released a premium version of it’s Sapphire card, Amex Platinum was arguably the best premium card available for frequent travelers.  But after the release of the Chase Sapphire Reserve, it was pretty clear that Amex Platinum was up against some stiff competition.  Last year around the holidays when my annual fee was due, I considered whether or not I should cancel my Amex Platinum but ultimately decided to keep it after Amex offered a retention bonus.

Amex Platinum Card vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve

  • So last year, Chase released a card that put other premium travel cards to shame.  Although American Express responded by adding a few extras to the Platinum Card, I still prefer the Chase Sapphire Reserve because the bonus categories are better.
    • Amex added 5 points per dollar on flights and hotels
  • The airline fee credit on the Amex Platinum is more limiting than the Chase Sapphire Reserve travel credit.
  • CSR’s travel credit is $100 more than Amex Platinum’s airline credit, AND it covers a lot more expenses.  The credit applies to anything that codes as travel such as hotels, car rentals, Uber rides, etc.
  • Earlier this year, American Express raised the annual fee from $450 to $550
  • Fortunately, I had already paid my $450 annual fee when this happened.  But at my upcoming anniversary the fee will be $550.
  • Since I opened the Chase Sapphire Reserve, I had already considered closing the Platinum card at my last anniversary, but when I called to cancel I was offered a retention bonus of 20,000 Membership Rewards.
  • 20,000 MR plus the 200$ airline fee credit gave me enough incentive to keep the Platinum Card open for one more year

Update: Amex added another benefit that helps offset the annual fee.  Twice a year (Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec), you will receive a statement credit of up to $50 for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue.  This means that you can receive up to $100 in statement credits per year.

American Express membership rewards benefits
Membership Rewards points from Amex Platinum and Ultimate Rewards points from Chase Sapphire Reserve can both be used to book Hawaii!
There are many factors that you should use to determine which card is right for you

These factors are (but not limited to)

  • Welcome bonus*
  • Annual fee
  • Benefits
  • Category bonuses as they relate to your spending habits
  • What award currency do I earn (for example, Amex Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards) and to which hotels and airlines can I transfer those points?
*Why is welcome bonus crossed out?

A credit card’s welcome bonus is very important when you’re planning which cards you would like to open.  But when you’re deciding whether you want to keep a card open, the bonus does not matter since you will have already earned it.  Amex has a once in a lifetime per product when it comes to bonuses. This means that once you earn the Platinum Bonus, you are never eligible for another on that card, even after a long waiting period.

If you are eligible for the welcome bonus (meaning you do not already have this card), this may be a good card for you to open!  The rest of this post will focus on if keeping it after the first year is the best decision.

Is the Annual fee on Amex Platinum worth it?

The annual fee on the Amex Platinum Card is $695.  Although it may seem steep, it is important to look at the statement credits and benefits you receive.

  • $200 in airline incidental fees per calendar year.  This includes baggage fees.  If you fly often, you should have no trouble using this credit.  This credit resets in January, so you’re effectively getting $400 credit your first year the card is open.
  • $100 in Global Entry or TSA Precheck reimbursement.  This does not have to be for the cardholder.  In other words, if you already have Global Entry but you need to get it for your child, you can get the reimbursement once every 5 years.  Just make sure you use the card to pay for the application fee.  Amex will reimburse the $100 as a statement credit, usually within a few days.
  • $100 annually for purchases made at Saks Fifth Avenue.

You have the potential to get at least $800 worth of credits in your first year of membership in addition to the welcome bonus (which is 75,000 points at the time of publishing).  This doesn’t even include the value of the other benefits.

After the first year, you’re getting about $400 worth of travel ($200 airline incidental credit plus $200 Uber credits) plus the Saks credits ($50 Jan-Jun and $50 Jul-Dec).  Deciding whether or not to keep it open depends on how you value the other benefits such as lounge access.

What are the bonus categories on the Amex Platinum?
  • 5 points per dollar on plane tickets booked directly with airlines or
  • 5 points per dollar on hotels booked through

Five points per dollar on airfare and hotels (if booked through is a great category bonus.  In fact, it’s better than the Chase Sapphire Reserve which is 3 points per dollar.  But, these are the only category bonuses.  Otherwise you will earn 1 point per dollar.  Since we eat out a lot, having a dining bonus category is important to us.  CSR does have a dining bonus (3 points per dollar) but Amex Platinum does not.

What are some notable benefits of the Amex Platinum Card?
American Express platinum card benefits
Transfer Amex MR points to British Airways to book AA flights to Mexico!
  • Airline lounge access including American Express Centurion lounges.  Amex Platinum Card comes with a Priority Pass membership which gives you access to airport lounges across the world.  But the best lounges in my experience have been the Amex Centurion lounges.  There aren’t many at this time, but Amex is expanding their Centurion lounge presence across the globe.  Lucky for us DFW has one.  The food and cocktails are excellent and free.  This is one benefit I will miss if I cancel.
  • Amex concierge.  Lots of people complain that this service is not as great as it used to be, but I will say that I have found it very helpful.  On multiple occasions, I have been able to get restaurant reservations that were otherwise impossible.   I also had them find a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that I really needed wanted and they tracked down literally the last pair in my size in the US.  They also booked a Llama for my twins’ birthday party. This benefit alone isn’t worth keeping the card, but it is nice to have.  With that said, CSR also has a concierge service.
  • Marriott Gold status. Marriott gold is mid-tier at best, but it might get you an upgraded room.
  • Hilton Gold status.  Hilton Gold status will get you a 5th free night when you book 4 award nights.  Also, Hilton Honors gold members receive breakfast for 2 at many (but not all) of their hotels.
The Amex Platinum Card earns American Express Membership Rewards points

American Express Membership Rewards points are transferable to 19 different airlines and 3 different hotels.  Because of the flexibility this allows, I value American Express Membership Rewards Points highly.

So if the statement credits, benefits, and award currency earned are so good, why would I cancel my Amex Platinum?

I have 2 main reasons for this

  1. I already have a “premium” travel credit card (the Chase Sapphire Reserve) and I love it.  No need to have 2 premium cards considering the high annual fees.
  2. I like the bonus categories on the American Express Gold Card.  I decided to open that card.  I can still earn American Express Membership Rewards with the Gold card, but the annual fee isn’t as high as the Platinum card.

Before you cancel a Membership Rewards earning card from American Express, make sure you don’t lose your points!

If you cancel a Membership Rewards earning card without opening another Membership Rewards earning card first, you will lose your points.  So if you need to cancel, I suggest either transferring to the partner that you’re most likely to use in the future or opening a no-fee Membership Rewards earning card.  

My final verdict

Since I already have a premium travel credit card, I decided to cancel my Amex Platinum Card before the annual fee was due.

I opened the Premier Rewards Gold Card (now known as the Gold Card from American Express)! I like the bonus categories on the Gold Card and when I opened it, the annual fee was waived the first year.

If we really miss having the Amex Platinum Card, Ryan can apply for it and receive a welcome bonus since he has never had that card.

Update: A few weeks after cancelling, I decided I did not want to miss out on some of the benefits that the Platinum Card provides.  So Ryan opened one!

Update #2: I am republishing this post a year after it was originally written.  The Premier Rewards Gold Card is now the Gold Card.  Some details have changed.  The annual fee is now $250, but there are more benefits that help offset that fee.  Also, the bonus categories have improved.  You now earn 4 points per dollar at US supermarkets and restaurants! I have kept this card open and I use it often.

Update #3: I am updating and republishing again to add that Ryan still has his Platinum Card, I still have my Gold Card, and I’ve opened the Amex Business Platinum card. Each of these cards continue to provide enough benefits and value to outweigh the annual fees.

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Advertiser disclosure: The Miles Genie has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products.  The Miles Genie and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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