How to Transfer Ultimate Rewards to Hotel and Airline Partners

Update 2019: You can find an updated version of this post here

If you have a Chase Sapphire card that earns Ultimate Rewards, you will notice that Chase gives many options for redeeming these points.  The only two options that are worth using are

  1. Book travel through the redemption portal
  2. Transfer Ultimate Rewards to hotel and airline partners at a 1:1 ratio

Other ways to redeem such as redeeming for gift cards will not get you as much value as these two options.  Out of these two options, your points will usually stretch further if you transfer them to Ultimate Rewards partners.  You can read my post about booking through the portal vs. transferring points.

Airline partners

Chase Ultimate Reward Transfer Partners May 2017

Hotel partners

UR hotel transfer partners

How to transfer Ultimate Rewards to partners

Before we get started, here are a few tips:

  • Confirm availability for your dates. Transfers are permanent
  • Although transfers from Ultimate Rewards tend to show up in your airline and/or hotel account immediately, I suggest putting an award flight on hold if possible before you transfer.  Not all airlines allow this, but in the event that there is a delay of the points being received, you can be certain that your ticket will still be available.

Link your Ultimate Rewards account to the airline or hotel loyalty program

1. Login to your Ultimate Rewards account

2. Click the “Use Points” menu and select “Transfer to Travel Partners”.

3. You will need to link your airline or hotel program account to your Ultimate Rewards account.  In the picture below, you will notice Southwest, British Airways, and KLM/AirFrance are the top.  This means that I have already linked my accounts.  If your account is already linked, skip steps 4-6 and head to the next section.

If I am transferring to a partner to which I have not ever transferred Ultimate Rewards, I will need to link the account.  Click “Transfer Points” to the right of the program you would like to link.

link Ultimate Rewards to airline programs

4. I will choose Virgin Atlantic

transfer ultimate rewards to virgin atlantic

5. Click “Select Recipient” and your name and your designated authorized user/household member will show up

transfer ultimate rewards

6.  Select the recipient then type in your Virgin Atlantic loyalty account number to “Member ID”.  Retype the number to confirm.  After you press “confirm” your account will be added.

How to transfer after linking your airline or hotel account to Ultimate Rewards

1. Login to your Ultimate Rewards account

2. Click the “Use Points” menu and select “Transfer to Travel Partners”.

transfer chase ultimate rewards to partners

3. Let’s say I want to transfer to British Airways.  Since I have already linked that account, all I have to do is click on the British Airways logo.  My account ID will show up along with a green”Transfer Points” button.  Click that button.

transfer chase ultimate rewards to partnerstransfer chase ultimate rewards to partners

4. This screen will pop up and all I have to do is type in the amount of points I want to transfer.

transfer chase ultimate rewards to partnerstransfer chase ultimate rewards to partners

5. After typing in the amount of points, click “Continue”

transfer ultimate rewards to british airways

6.  Review the details and then press “Confirm & submit”

Done!  Later this week I will start posting my favorite ways to redeem Ultimate Rewards for different regions of the world.  First on the list is Europe!


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