Save Money and Earn Extra Membership Rewards Points With Amex Offers 

What are Amex Offers?

American Express does not have a shopping portal like Chase Ultimate Rewards and many airlines.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to earn extra Membership Rewards and/or save money.

Amex Offers are a great way to save money or earn extra points at different retailers.  Find offers from different brands-for dining, shopping and more.   Add the offers to your card then use your card when you pay. There are two different types of Amex offers.

  1. The first type are cash back offers and will post as statement credits on your bill.
  2. The other type earn bonus American Express Membership Rewards points.

If you have multiple American Express cards, you must use the American Express card for which the offer is saved.

Which Amex cards are eligible for offers? 

The short answer: any American Express card.  Even those with no annual fee.

There are two types of Amex cards.

  1. There are cards that earn Membership Rewards.  These are cards such as the Amex Platinum Card.
  2. Then there are cards that are hotel or airline co-branded cards.  These are cards such as the SPG Amex and the Delta Amex cards.  Those cards earn points/miles in their respective programs.  So the SPG credit card earns Starpoints and the Delta cards earn Delta SkyMiles.

All of these cards are eligible for offers.  For co-branded cards, the offers will generally be cash back offers.  For example, I’ve seen $50 back on a $200 or more purchase at Neiman Marcus on my SPG card.  On Membership Rewards earning cards, you will see cash back offers, and you will also see bonus Membership Rewards opportunities.  For example, there is currently an offer for 4 extra points per dollar (5 points total) at gas stations through the end of September on Ryan and my Amex EveryDay credit cards.

5x membership rewards on gas!

How to search for and add Amex offers to your card

1. Go to

how to add amex offers

2. Click on Log in with your account
how to add amex offers
3. Use your American Express login and passoword and click Log In

amex offers

4. Choose the card for which you want to search offers.

As you can see, there are currently 71 available for Ryan’s SPG card.  If you have multiple Amex cards, the offers will be different for each card so be sure to check every card!

5. Scroll down until you find an offer you want to add to your card.

amex offers

6. Petco! We need to buy more dog food so I will go ahead and add this. Click Add to Card.

Amex offers

7. The offer terms and information will be listed. Click Add to Card

Amex offers

8. The offer is now added and we will receive $15 as a statement credit after making a 50$ purchase at Petco.

Be sure to read the terms because some offers are online only and some offers will be honored in-store or online.

Other current Amex offers I have added to my cards:

New offers are added everyday so check often!  Here are a few current offers that caught my eye:

$25 off of $75 at

$50 off of $200 or more at

Remember my post about earning points on a Flexible Spending Account purchase?  I can use my Platinum Card to order glasses (through a shopping portal of course). I will save money, earn extra miles through a shopping portal, earn Membership Rewards for paying with the Amex card, and then I can have the cost reimbursed by my FSA offers

There are also several offers for bonus points at retailers that aren’t typically category bonuses.

These are just a few of the current retailers that will earn extra Membership Rewards points if I use my enrolled card.  Note that extra points are typically only earned on Membership Rewards cards.  For example, I don’t think I have ever seen an Amex Offer for bonus Starpoints on my SPG card.  To clarify, SPG does run promotions where I can earn bonus Starpoints, but I am only referring to Amex Offers.

amex offers

Are Amex offers stackable?

Amex offers are stackable with purchases from airline portals*.  For example, there is currently an offer for $15 off of $50 or more at Petco on my SPG card.  After adding this offer to my card, I could then go to an airline shopping portal to make the purchase.  Since airline portals allow you to make purchases with any credit card, I could use the Amex SPG.  Not only would I get 50$ back on my statement, I would also get the bonus points for shopping through the airline portal.

Southwest rapid rewards shoppinng portal
If I use my SPG Amex to pay for my dogs’ food, I will get a $15 statement credit on the Amex and 2 Southwest Rapid Rewards points per dollar for the entire purchase price!

*Note that if you use the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal, their terms state that you must use your Chase card to make the purchase.  This would suggest that using an Amex to make a purchase would disqualify the purchase from earning Ultimate Rewards.  There are plenty of data points that suggest this policy is not enforced.  In other words, many people have used other credit cards and/or gift cards and still received points from Ultimate Rewards. I personally do not care to take this risk, especially if it is a larger purchase because I would risk not getting the points.  Fortunately, airline portals do not care what card you use to make the purchase, so the safe thing to do is use an airline portal rather than the UR portal.

Are Amex offers stackable with the United MPX app?

As I stated in my overview of United’s MileagePlus X app, purchases via MPX tend to code in the category of the retailer.  For example, if you buy a Starbucks gift card it should code as a restaurant meaning.  This means that if you use a card with a restaurant category bonus such as the Amex Premier Rewards Gold, you should earn bonus points on the United MPX app purchase.

While the category codes appropriately, the purchase still shows up on your statement as United MileagePlus purchase.  This means that MPX app purchases are not stackable with Amex offers unfortunately!

Bottom Line:

If you have an Amex card, be sure to check Amex Offers often.  I have seen some great offers in the past few months, and it is a great way to save money and earn bonus points!  Next week, I will have an overview of American Express cards that earn Membership Rewards points.

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