How to Search for American Airlines Award Space

American Airlines has two tiers of award tickets

You can read more about it in this post.  The point is, you probably only want to book a ticket with AAdvantage miles if there is availability at the lower level (also known as MileSAAver).  If you plan to book an American Airlines flight with miles in a partner program, there must be availability at the MileSAAver level to be able to use the partner to book the AA ticket.  It is important to know how to look for American Airlines award space at the saver level.

Tip: American Airlines lets you put an award itinerary on hold for 5 days!

If you have American Airlines AAdvantage miles, there are some great ways to redeem them.  But every single good option to redeem your AAdvantage miles for AA flights is only a good value if you can find MileSAAver space.

If you cannot find saver space, you can look for availability with their partners.  If you have luck finding partner availability, you can use your AAdvantage miles to book those flights.

Not all of their partners show up in the online search, so you may have to get a little creative to search for availability.  You will also have to call to book some partners.  For example, you can book Cathay Pacific flights with AAdvantage miles, but the Cathay Pacific flights will not show up on your search on the AA website.

There are other ways to check for availability online before calling to book.  Most OneWorld alliance partners that you can book with AA miles should show up on British Airways’ site.  You will have to create a free BA Executive Club account to search.

Anyway, if there is no saver award space on AA and if you cannot find availability on partner airlines, you’re better off saving your miles than using twice as many for an AAnytime ticket.

Here are a few reasons you may want to use another airline’s loyalty program to book a flight on American Airlines

  • American Airlines is not a transfer partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards.  If you want to book an American Airlines flight with these points, you will need to transfer your UR or MR to OneWorld alliance carriers or other carriers that partner with American Airlines.  For example, you can transfer points to OneWorld partner British Airways and then use Avios to book an AA flight.
  • You may get a better deal by using  a partner program.  Every airline loyalty program has its own chart and rules.  Some routes cost less if you book with a partner airline program.

You can always refer to the transfer partner and airline partner list if you want to see other partners.

How to search for award ticket availability on American Airlines

I will use DFW to Sao Paulo, Brazil for this example.  You can search for round-trip flights but I find it easier to search one-way at a time.


  • Type in the departure airport, the destination, select the number of passengers, and select a departure date.  Be sure that the Redeem Miles box is checked. American Airlines AAdvantage award ticket availability, how to book aa milesaaver
  • The date I chose is available at the MileSAAver level American Airlines AAdvantage award ticket availability, aa economy awardsTip: if you click ‘Show Full Calendar’ you can see more dates.American Airlines AAdvantage award ticket, American Airlines economy award ticket


  • Once these MileSAAver award tickets get booked, only the AAnytime tickets will be left.  Let’s look at the costAmerican Airlines AAdvantage award ticket, American Airlines milesaaver award ticket55k on that date, and even more for other dates! That’s almost twice the amount of the MileSAAver ticket.  Again, I do not suggest booking an AAnytime ticket.  I cannot think of any instance when it would be a good value, but you can always calculate the value you’re getting with points as opposed to paying with cash.

As long as the MileSAAver ticket is available for your date, you should now be able to book this ticket on AA’s partner airlines

In other words, you can use British Airways Avios*, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles, or others.

  • To book this flight on Alaska Airlines, it costs 20k or 30k Alaska Airlines miles each way.  20k is for dates that are considered off-peak.  If your date happens to be off-peak, you’re better off booking with Alaska Airlines miles.
  • If using British Airways, it is 25,000 Avios each way.  Remember that British airways has a distance-based chart and their award tickets are priced based on the distance of each segment of your flight.  The direct flight from DFW to GRU prices at 25,000 Avios each way.  While you can still sometimes book a non-direct AA flight with British Airways, it will probably cost more.
    • For example, let’s say there is no availability on the direct flight from DFW-GRU but there is a flight that is DFW-MIA-GRU
    • If you book with British Airways you would be charged for the DFW-MIA segment plus the MIA-GRU segment.
    • This prices at 32,500 Avios per ticket each way in economy
    • DFW-MIA is 7,500 Avios and MIA-GRU is 25,000 Avios
    • This is still not a terrible option, especially if you have lots of Ultimate Rewards points. Remember that Ultimate Rewards transfer to British Airways at a 1:1 ratio.

*I love when I find a route that makes sense to use British Airways Avios.  If you look at the earning side of the equation, this is a great deal with Ultimate Rewards.  Remember that if you have a Chase Ultimate Rewards earning card, it is very easy to earn more than one point per dollar with bonus categories and shopping portals.

How to search for direct flights (either for convenience or because you’re trying to book with British Airways):
  • To search for direct flights all you have to do is select Non-stop only from the drop down menu on the left side.American Airlines AAdvantage award ticket, how to book aa economy award ticketAs you can see, this may narrow your options for dates.American Airlines AAdvantage award ticket, how to book aa miles

Here is a look at availability in business class

The same rules apply for business class tickets.  In order to book American Airlines flights in business class with another airline, there must be MileSAAver availability.

American Airlines AAdvantage award ticket, aa business class with miles

Yeah, not much availability at all.  But you can pay 110k AAdvantage miles each way! Just kidding, please do not do this.
American Airlines AAdvantage award ticket, aa business class award ticket

If you cannot find any SAAver space for your dates and/or destination, you still have options if you have transferrable points.   This is why I highly recommend credit cards that earn American Express Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards rather than airline miles.  For example, you could check to see if United has availability at their saver level.  If so, you could transfer points from either of those 2 programs to Singapore Airlines.  You could then use Singapore Airlines to book the United flight.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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