We Don’t Deserve Dogs

I had to take the week off from writing, editing, and publishing anything because it’s been a very sad week and you can’t pour from an empty cup.

A few new award travel posts are ready to go for next week, but I can’t resume regularly scheduled programming without mentioning our family’s loss.

Yesterday our sweet Beau passed away at home, peacefully in my arms, after living the dream for 14 years.

Beau came into my life when he was about 8 weeks old and I was in college. We won’t talk about the crappy boyfriend who gave him to me. As a puppy, he was exhausting, but he was so loving from the very beginning. A couple years later, I met Ryan and it didn’t take long for him to love Beau as much as I did. Beau was the kind of dog that turns your friends who don’t even think they like dogs… into dog people!

As our family grew, Beau welcomed everyone with lots of cuddle time.

He was there by my side through my best and my worst times. He was the sweetest, friendliest, most cuddly, loving, protective, and loyal beagle boy.  I could not ask for a better dog and even though we will eventually get another dog, he’ll never be replaced.

We knew 14 is on the upper end of a beagle’s lifespan, but this was kind of sudden. Up until a few days ago, he had a great quality of life. He still ran around the yard with his brother Doc and he loved swimming in our pool. We noticed over the weekend that he seemed a little weak, but he got worse very quickly. By Monday he could barely stand up and once he stopped eating and drinking, we knew it was only a matter of time. We’re thankful that he didn’t suffer for very long.

This was his birthday dinner from last month when he turned 14. Salmon filet on a bed of Prescription Diet!

He spent his final days doing what he loved the most: basking in the sun and snuggling with his people.

It’s not just me, though. The whole family and all of our friends know how awesome Beau was.  He was so loved and will be missed by many.  We’re doing our best to give our other dog Doc the love and attention he deserves because we know he’s feeling the loss. 

Doc is ready to take over security duty

I’m still too sad to articulate all of my thoughts right now, but my mom sent the sweetest note that describes Beau perfectly. Thanks mom

Mom and Beau
Dad, Doc and Beau

“Rest easy & peacefully now sweet BeauBeau. In younger days, with your precocious puppy antics, armed with that irresistible little Snoopy-like face, you wrapped us around your little beagle paws & in a moment’s time we were smitten!

You saw your human mommy thru the grueling college years & nursing school, then gratefully acclimated & eagerly fell in love with your daddy when mommy got married, cheerfully welcomed babies & your sidekick Doc, did your very best to train Doc, despite his lack of intellectual ability & good judgment , dared to murder any potential threats to your family & property with that blood curdling bey, & most of all loved your doting family with all your might.

I will miss your sweet little face, with those eyeliner eyes that any makeup artist would be proud of, your wild, unleashed excitement when we came for visits, your piercing warnings of imminent danger, even if only in your head, your sweetness & never-ending patience with the little ones, even when they didn’t understand you weren’t the base of a jungle gym, the bonding you had with your clumsy comrade Doc, even when he forced himself upon you, your sweet cuddles, especially in your mellow old age, the love & loyalty you had for all of your people, but mostly, I will miss the tremendous joy you gave us all.

Your loss will leave a huge hole in our hearts, but we are forever grateful to have had you for 14 years (chewed up carpets & all!) Now Rest In Peace sweet boy, free of pain, & know how much you meant & how you were loved by so many! We will see you at The Rainbow Bridge!😘🐶❤️🌈

Who wore eyeliner better?

My Pandora account decided to play “Good Grief” by Bastille this morning. Cue waterworks.

“Every minute and every hour I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you more”… ain’t that the truth. Miss you so much already my little guy.

I don’t know how long it will take me to stop being so sad, but I would never trade the 14 years of joy and memories you gave to me and the rest of our family. We’re going to plant a tree in his favorite spot in the yard

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and thanks to our friends and family for checking on us. Biggest thanks to Ryan for helping me give Beau the life he deserved and for picking up the slack this week.

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